Use Cases


1.  Unauthorized production

Stop contract manufacturers from abusing your intellectual property

  • Technology is printed invisibly onto the surface of a specific number of labels (we offer printing as a service)

  • Only products with these labels are registered as authentic through Arylla's platform

  • Empower distribution partners to verify authenticity using Arylla's app


2.  Return fraud

Prevent fraudulent returns and reduce shrink

  • Apply technology to care labels at checkout or before shipping

  • Use our app during each return to access the transaction code and confirm the product wasn't stolen or worn

  • Remove the technology and place the product back into inventory

  • Customers can show proof of purchase by scanning the care label (no need for paper receipts)


3.  Diversion

Monitor and control the flow of your products into the grey market

  • Work with us to embed the technology during production

  • Assign each product to a specific geographical location

  • Use Arylla's app to authenticate products at grey market retailers

  • Leverage insights and tracking data on Arylla's platform to identify parallel distribution channels


4.  Secondhand

Authorize sellers of secondhand products to verify authenticity through Arylla's platform

  • Partner with us to sell authentication services to secondhand marketplaces and retailers

  • Control who can access the platform and help consumers identify trusted resellers

  • Increase the visibility of counterfeit or high-risk listings