Use Cases


1.  Warranty Fraud

Identify fraudulent warranty claims without the original receipt

  • Retailer scans the label using app to confirm the product is authentic and was purchased through authorized channel

  • App used to take photos of the defect and send to the brand

  • Brand uses the photo to approve claim and issue credit


2.  Product Diversion

Have the power to always track provenance (even in the grey market)

  • Product purchased from off brand retailer through test buy program

  • Label scanned using app to identify the retailer at fault (this information will always be accessible, even if the serial number was destroyed or the care labels have been cut out)

  • Technology remains completely undetectable by wholesalers


3.  Circular Economy

Build a platform to connect your brand with the secondary market

  • Sell access to secondhand marketplaces for authentication

  • Provide key product information (composition, style, season etc.) to recycling organizations and give your products a second life

  • Gather valuable data about how your brand is performing